To provide innovative hygiene and waste management solutions for our clients while building a clean and safe environment.

  • To provide our clients with the best service
  • To grow the waste management service into more categories of waste
  • To champion Environmental Compliance
  • To provide training for our clients and to assist them with proper handling and storage of waste
  • To build a solid reputation within hygiene, general and HCRW sectors.

Welcome to Mahlabana Waste

MAHLABANA WASTE is a Bio-hazardous/ Health Care Risk Waste, General Waste
management and Hygiene services company, prioritizing safe removal of waste from
generator and ensuring it is transported to waste treatment/ disposal site for safe

Mahlabana Waste aims to provide innovative and efficient waste management
services, with Hygiene and Bio-hazardous waste and General waste services being the
core service currently. With the synergy level between Hygiene (in both the sense of
sanitary measures and environmental health) and Waste Management, Mahlabana
Waste is able to offer packages enabling our clients space and time to focus on what
they do best.

Our target clients are hygiene services consumers, general and medical/ bio-hazardous
waste generating facilities including:

  • Hospitals / clinics
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical centres & Surgeries
  • Laboratories (micro and chem)
  • Old age homes
  • Food Industry


Mahlabana Waste aims to provide clients with innovative and efficient practices and
compliance-based hygiene and waste management service from the point it is generated to
safe disposal and treatment.

As a 100% Black-owned and management company, MAHLABANA WASTE becomes a
strategic partner in any organization’s value chain entrenched in commitment to quality and
enhancement of livelihoods within the areas in which we operate. We continuously strive to
entrench our position as a preferred supplier and service provider in a manner that is
consistent with the objectives and developmental goals of all our clients.